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In the theme selection page, links are shown below the active theme which shows its capabilities. Most of the time these are Widgets, Menus, and a Theme Options link if you run add_theme_page().

Since I created my own top-level menu and didn't use add_theme_page(), my path redirects to admin.php?page=chosen-slug instead of themes.php?page=chosen-slug and there is no Theme Options link in the Appearance section. Is there a way I can still display that link to show that my theme has options?

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I guess a jQuery solution will have to do for now. It's not my first choice but at least it works.


// Create the theme options link
add_action("admin_menu", "setup_theme_admin_menus"); 
function setup_theme_admin_menus(){
    add_theme_page('', 'Theme Options', 'manage_options', 'sample-slug', '');


// Redirect link in Appearance to your top-level menu
$('#current-theme div.theme-options a[href="themes.php?page=sample-slug"]').attr('href', 'admin.php?page=sample-slug');

 * Hide the link created by add_theme_page(). Use each() since our <li> has no
 * name and this makes sure the script always works even if its position changes.
$('#menu-appearance a[href="themes.php?page=sample-slug"]').each(function(){
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