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I have two repos that I want to have different info associated with it.

For example one repo is named site and I want = admin =

and for the all other repos I want = qwertymk =

Is there any way to switch profiles or something similar in git?

I'm on windows so I'm using msysgit. (Feel free to give a linux/mac only solution for others though)


I realize now that I could write a batch script to swap c:\users\<me>\.gitconfig but that seems more like a hack.

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if it's any consolation, that hack is the first thing I thought of; I've always heard the .gitconfig goes in your home directory, but never "put your alter-ego's .gitconfig right here!" – Thunder Rabbit May 3 '12 at 0:53
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Git has global settings and per-repository settings.


$ git config --global "qwertymk"
$ git config --global ""

Then cd into the 'site' repository and use:

$ git config "admin"
$ git config ""
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