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I've heard of these three giant technologies would allow developers to build pub/sub paradigm which result in rapid server push experience.

I've got background on Django, but non of the other two. So just wondering, where can I kick off?

I currently use Gunicorn as django server, uses Nginx as a proxy to serve static files, uses Haproxy as a front-end load balancer. After I adopt new technology stack, can I keep them still?

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I think you should check out - codysoyland.com/2011/feb/6/… and this earlier question - stackoverflow.com/questions/4190186/… –  Glorithm May 3 '12 at 1:46

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Start here:

and here:

There are some Django examples as to how to get started. Your tech. stack should allow you to run this without much problems.

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You will probably encounter issues using Socket.io (which will try to use websocket) with Nginx. Nginx 1.0 does not support proxying of HTTP/1.1. You can use tcp_proxy to work around it. You might be able to find some forks for Nginx 1.1 that have websocket support though.

Check out this and this.

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