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When I run a mapreduce job using hadoop command, I use -libjars to setup my jar to the cache and the classpath. How to do something like this in PIG?

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register /local/path/to/myJar.jar
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You will likely need a trailing semi-colon for this to work. –  Ian Stevens Apr 23 '13 at 14:00
FYI this is in your pig script not on the command line - I'm easily confused =) –  Ryan S Feb 24 at 20:51

There are two ways to add external jars to Pig environment.

  1. Use "-Dpig.additional.jars" to start Pig

    pig -Dpig.additional.jars=/local/path/to/your.jar

  2. Use "register" command in Pig scripts or grunt

    register /local/path/to/your.jar;

You can use any one according to your requirement.

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