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I'm aware that if I want to share my C++ code as a WinRT component to .Net and JavaScript code I have to declare my class as public ref MyClass sealed. But if I have a class I just want to use within my application does it need to be a ref class?

let's say I have a simple Building class. Could it be defined as follows

#pragma once
class Building
    Building(int cap);
    int get_capacity() {return capacity;}
    int capacity;

and then used like this

std::shared_ptr<Building> bldg = std::make_shared<Building>(5);

I would still want to instantiate it as a shared_ptr using make_shared to get reference counting, but I'm just confused at what point I need to make it a ref class.

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auto bldg = std::make_shared<Building>(5); –  bames53 May 3 '12 at 3:19

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Herb Sutter recommends (12 minutes in) that you only use the non-standard C++/CX at the boundaries of your program, where your C++ code has to interact with WinRT. So that would mean that classes that you only intend to use from C++ have no need to be ref classes or use anything other than ISO standard C++.

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