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How can I programmatically add superscript or subscript for inline element (XAML) for Windows 8? In WPF we had Typography property in inline elements (Run.Typography). But it looks like it disappeared in Metro.

In design time there is no problems:

2 <Run Typography.Variants="Subscript">2</Run>

I need do the same in the code. I tried:

        Run r = new Run();
        r.Text = "bla";
        r.SetValue(Typography.VariantsProperty, FontVariants.Superscript);

And this:

        Typography.SetVariants(r, FontVariants.Superscript);

Both not working.

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Rendering text is very demanding, so probably the Variants property is considered only at render-time and it's not causing a new render pass. In your first snippet, try adding r.Text = "bla2" - this should cause a new render pass, maybe then the property will be re-considered. – XAMeLi May 6 '12 at 18:09
My task is programmatically building up rich text. So, I create Paragraphs, Line breaks, Runs etc. and this way I'm creating content of my page. It is dynamic content, of course. And now we have a number of problems, including this superscript, indents in paragraphs etc. I'm sure since the moment I added superscript, a lot of "render passes" was passed. – Mike Keskinov May 7 '12 at 14:36

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