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Can a variable name be derived from a variable?

$hash01={instance => '01',street => 'blah'}

This works to call a define:

mydefine { '01': hash => $mod::params::hash01 }

Can this work? (I'm interested in the hash var concat)


mydefine { $var: hash => $mod::params::hash"$var" }
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I've used inline_template() and scope.lookupvar() for this:

$mod::params::hash01={instance => '01',street => 'blah'}
$hash=inline_template("<%= scope.lookupvar(hash_name) %>")

However inline_template always returns strings, so it would return the string "streetblahinstance01", which is not going to work since your function is expecting a hash.

Another approach would be to avoid the problem by using an array of hashes. Note the array indices start at 0.

mydefine { $var : hash => $mod::param::hashes[1] }

See https://blog.kumina.nl/tag/inline_template/

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I discovered getvar in stdlib and this proved to be the most appropriate solution for the original question. Thank you, as your 2nd approach is very interesting. –  rismoney May 24 '12 at 3:04

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