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Rails or Django? (or something else?)

I've no experience with Ruby but I heard that Ruby on Rails is a great framework to build websites super fast. What's its equivalent in python? If there's none, which of the existing python website building frameworks come closer to it?

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-1 for not even googling for the answer. –  Steven Rumbalski May 3 '12 at 4:33
I did google and knew of django and others upfront and in fact have written some basic stuff in it too. But I still wanted to hear the popular opinion. Afterall this is a community, isn't it –  KumarM May 3 '12 at 11:47
Thanks for the link Steven. Will keep that in mind. FYI, a quick search of Python vs Ruby in this forum brings up a lot of threads - contrary to what's mentioned in that link. But in any case, I get it and thanks for educating me. –  KumarM May 3 '12 at 19:21

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I think Django is considered to be the Python equivalent to Rails. Both Django and Rails focus on rapid development.

To get you started, here are some related resources:

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The Ruby on Rails equivalent for Python is Django.

It's a:

High-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.

I personally recommend Python Web Development with Django, as it is a good book for learning about Django (obviously).

You can learn more about Django, here: https://www.djangoproject.com/

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