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How do you copy a group of files from server machine to local hard disk through a C++ web application in one request? This is kind of downloading bulk files to your local machine from a server. I guess in Java you could do this through ZipInputStream and GZipInputStream.

Is it possible to achieve this entirely through server side code? Or will it require a client running on the local machine to carry out the bulk copying of files?

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Say you have a Java servlet / ISAPI extension that accepts requests of the form


On receipt of such a request, the server side code can, using zlib, pack all the files into a zip file and send the zip file as the HTTP response setting the Content-Type, Content-Length, Last-Modified,etc.

Further Note: If you are using ISAPI on IIS6 and above, you can also add this content into the IIS's kernel mode response cache.

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If the user if aware of this, and the files are not nessesary for website rendering, you can push them into an archive and have a link from your site (or do something like sourceforge, redirect to the archive and the browser simply downloads it. For archiving you can use zlib. Just send Content-type as gzip and push data (here from stdin)

int ret;

/* avoid end-of-line conversions */

ret = def(stdin, stdout, Z_DEFAULT_COMPRESSION);
if (ret != Z_OK)
return ret;

If you are trying to have the whole page (HTML, CSS, JS, IMG) sent as one, all of those files can be inserted into HTML, even images. (see this).

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zlib won't stick multiple files together by itself afaik, you'll need to use tar or similar for this –  Hasturkun Jun 25 '09 at 7:37

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