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I am looking for a web based mp3 player to embed in the website, which will not expose the source MP3 URL to the client - any idea?

I have looked into the following players but they expose the source URL to the client:

https://github.com/josephrmoore/mp3player - it says

HTML5 Source Exposed

This player uses HTML5 as its basis. That means that the source audio file will be exposed to anyone who knows a bit about HTML. Granted, most people probably wouldn't blther trying to do that, but there will always be those who will. At the moment, HTML5 audio doesn't support any kind of streaming or encryption (that I know of) so there's not much I can do. If HTML5 does support obfuscation of the source audio, I will make sure to include that option in a future release.

Many thanks.

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You can use flash, but everything is possible to rip of the web. I dont know for what you gona use it, but you could give sample audio to listen –  Aurimas Ličkus May 3 '12 at 5:30

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If you want something that doesn't easily make the URL known (or even to have an encrypted stream), you're going to have to go with a flash-based player like:


There are ways to obfuscate the URL to make the MP3 slightly more difficult to find, but ultimately, even with encrypted streams, there are tools out there to grab and save the data as it streams.

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