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My views:

post_details = Post.objects.all()
    for each in post_details:
        post_like_list=PostLikes.objects.filter(post = each)
        dict2={"how many likes":pl}
    print list

My list =[[{'post': Accommodation}, {'how many likes': 0}], [{'post': Election}, {'how many likes': 0}], [{'post': }, {'how many likes': 3}], [{'post': }, {'how many likes': 1}]]

By using django templates , how can i get 'post' and 'how many likes' from dictionary in list?

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If you make the structure sane...

    list.append({"post": each, "how many likes": pl})

then you'll find that you can use {% for %} to iterate over the list, then access the dicts using normal access methods.

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+1 for "sane"... –  Daniel Roseman May 3 '12 at 7:45

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