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I am building a Metro Style App for Win8 which requires to pass two textblock values on frame navigation. For one parameter, it works but for two parameters its not working. Please help! I have tried like the following: this.Frame.Navigate(typeof(SecondPage),textblock1.Text + textblock2.Text);

I doesn't show any error but its not working.

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Create a new class with 2 properties and set the properties to the textblock values. Then you pass this object when you navigate.

Create the payload class:

public class Payload
 public string text1 { get;set;}
 public string text2 { get;set;}

Then populate the payload class:

Payload payload = new Payload();
payload.text1 = textblock1.Text;
payload.text2 = textblock2.Text;

Then when you call Navigate pass your instance of payload like this:

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how to get values in secondpage? –  rams May 16 '12 at 10:28
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