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I migrate from Joomla to WordPress my web site and now I have many 404 errors in Google WebMaster tools because of the tags paged results.

In example in my Joomla I had the URLs


Now in WordPress I don't have in example the URLs from page 5 to x and that creating 404 errors.

Also I cannot permenent redirect them to something else, because at the feature I will create new posts with that tags, and the missing pages will be again available.

So is there a way to redirect that pages if they produce 404 errors to another destination, but only for the case that the page return 404 error ?

Kind regards

Merianos Nikos

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Maybe this can help you:

Especially the parts:

  • Creating an Error 404 Page
  • Help Your Server Find the 404 Page

As these methods you can do redirects based on their need.

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