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I'm creating my first Rails 3.2 application after completing the excellent Rails Tutorial.

I would like my application to do this:

Pull a random recipe from the database (I have finished this bit using the 'index' action and this bit of code: @recipe = Recipe.find(:first, :order => 'Random()'))

If the user clicks the 'something similar' button, the app fetches a related recipe from the db

If the user clicks 'something different', the app fetches an unrelated recipe

From what I understand, there should be an action for both 'something similar' and 'something different'. Is this correct?

Should I use a POST form with submit buttons for 'something different' and 'something similar' to determine which action to take?

Also, how can I keep the user on a single page throughout (so they always see the URL as rather than /recipes#somethingdifferent)?

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To keep the user on the same page throughout, you will want to use AJAX. Check out this railscasts, you can apply the concept to what you are trying to do.

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Use a javascript framework/library (Ember, Backbone, Angular, Knockout, Meteor, Batman, etc..)

Check out this railscast:

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