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I've got a web app that needs to update the values of fields in existing Open Graph objects. In particular I'm trying to edit the location on photos.

However I find I'm unable to directly alter any field at all. I've been experimenting with the Graph API Explorer using the POST method and an access_token with 'user_photos', 'publish_stream' and 'user_photo_video_tags' permissions. I've trying setting a photo's field 'caption' to another string value, and also the 'place' field to another Place ID such as 127571667351223 for Melbourne International Airport. When I click Submit for these commands, the response window just says 'true'. However when I check the Object, no change has occurred to it.

Can anyone explain why these changes aren't going through?


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I think the console/test tool doesn't actually make the change, but simulates it and returns the response as if it did it. Try using some live code. – Barry Carlyon May 3 '12 at 11:06
I've tried doing this in live code now (as well as Graph API Explorer with my Application selected) and still I get a 'true' response, but no change is made. I've also noticed you can type in any random string for the field name and it still returns 'true', so I can't even be sure the field name correct. :/ – Magneto Cat May 4 '12 at 1:27

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