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I have a mysql table named "category". the basic structure looks like this-

------     --------     ------
cat_id     cat_name     parent
------     --------     ------
1          test1        NULL
2          test2        NULL
3          test3        2
4          test4        1
5          test5        3

now i want all the category data with parent category name (not only id) in a single query. is that possible? i could do it by using a second query (getting child's parent name) in a while loop and merging data as a whole. but is it possible to do this with a single query?

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Your question is ambiguous: do you want to select all category data and the parent category name, or do you want to select all category data which has a given (searched) parent category name? – Konerak May 3 '12 at 7:55
2 things are same..isn't it. – Imrul.H May 3 '12 at 8:14
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Join the table with itself, using the parent column to link to the cat_id of the parent.

SELECT c1.cat_id as childID, c1.cat_name ChildName, c2.cat_name as ParentName
from category c1
LEFT OUTER JOIN category c2
ON c1.parent = c2.cat_id
  • Be careful: since some elements have no parents (NULL), I put a LEFT OUTER JOIN so those rows are displayed as well. If you don't want that, use a JOIN instead of LEFT OUTER JOIN.
  • You can also show the lines, but display something else (empty or a text or ...) instead of the NULL by using COALESCE.
  • You can consider the result as one (big) new table, so you can add WHERE clauses as you usually do, for example filtering on the parent name: WHERE c2.cat_name = 'test2'
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This is just great. thanks a lot. also for the useful tips. – Imrul.H May 3 '12 at 8:31
Select p.cat_id, p.cat_name, c.cat_id, c.cat_name, c.parent 
From category Left Join category On p.cat_id = c.parent 
Where p.cat_name = 'name'
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SELECT c1.category_name AS category, c2. category_name AS sub_category FROM (

SELECT * FROM category ) AS c1 INNER JOIN (

SELECT * FROM category ) AS c2 ON c1.category_id = c2.category_id

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