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I have the ff code in my Model:

before_save :before_save_method

attr_accessor :corrective_change
attr_accessible :corrective_change
attr_accessible :corrective_desc

    def before_save_method
      if corrective_change == 0
        self.corrective_desc = corrective_desc_was

However, whatever the value of corrective_change is, the value of self.corrective_desc still update by the input value from users.

The value of all variable are tested and I can view them in logger just fine as they should be, but the condition doesn't work.

Can anyone point out what the problem is?

Thank you very much.

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1) you're sure that corrective_change is an Integer not a string? (comparing int to string = fail)

2) is this a new record? if so corrective_desc_was may not exist (it wouldnt in 2.3, not sure about 3.x)

3) consider trying this:

def before_save_method
  if self.corrective_desc_changed? && self.corrective_change == 0
    self.corrective_desc = self.corrective_desc_was
    logger.info "corrective_desc not changed or corrective_change != 0"

4) Also, if it's corrective change then perhaps before_update would be more appropriate rather than before_save as this will be called on create also.

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