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If someone can share the code for

What is C++(OpenCV) equivalent for Image.setValue(...) method in C# EmguCV framework. emgucv reference: http://www.emgu.com/wiki/files/2.3.0/document/Index.html

for example how to code in C++ next:

 private static Image<Gray, Byte> FilterPlate(Image<Gray, Byte> plate)
  Image<Gray, Byte> thresh = plate.ThresholdBinaryInv(new Gray(120), new Gray(255));
  using (Image<Gray, Byte> plateMask = new Image<Gray, byte>(plate.Size))
  thresh.SetValue(0, plateMask);

especially what is C++ equivalent for next:

  thresh.SetValue(0, plateMask);


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I'm not use EmguCV, but as documentation said

 thresh.SetValue(0, plateMask);

Set the element of the Array to val, using the specific mask

So, I think, you can use

void cvSet(CvArr* arr, CvScalar value, const CvArr* mask=NULL)

Sets every element of an array to a given value.



cvSet(thresh, CvScalar(0), plateMask);
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Many thanks for your help, kiwaa. –  St Sht Aug 31 '12 at 17:26

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