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I have a view in a Database that uses a Column that once had the length varchar 30 and is now updated to varchar 50.

I can execute a select directly on the database and it returns the expected results.

When I run the same query on a different server that executes the query in a linked server an error shows up:

OLE DB provider 'SQLNCLI' for linked server 'myserver' returned data that does not match expected data length for column '[].[MyDB].[dbo].[Myview].Mycolumn'. The (maximum) expected data length is 30, while the returned data length is 50.'

This is not an insert into a table that has a column length 30 and I have no idea where the length 30 comes from. It is realy just a select-query.

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I had these errors in .net (specifically asp.net). Isn't your error connected to .net somehow? –  Laszlo Tenki May 6 '12 at 19:15
The application using the db is a .NET windows service, but I get these errors when I query the db via Sql-Serber Management Studio. –  Malcolm Frexner May 7 '12 at 9:29

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