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I'm trying to 'catch' PHP Fatal errors with register_shutdown_function, just so that I can return a clean error message.

In a simple PHP file, both test cases below are correctly handled and my custom 500 error is returned.


//Test Case #1
$nullVar = null;

//Test case #2

function handleShutdown()
$error = error_get_last();
if ($error !== NULL)
    header('HTTP/1.0 500 Internal Server Error');
    echo 'Something bad happened';

However, when using the same mechanism from within a Symfony 2 action inside a controller, test case #2 is not handled anymore: my handler is only called when the variable has been initialised before. However, in both cases we are dealing with the same kind of fatal error (call to a member method on a non-object).

Can someone help?

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In debug mode Symfony2 calls set_error_handler which may be conflicting with the register_shutdown_function. In production mode it will not happen.

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Thanks, this worked! I'm still confused though... I debugged through Symfony2's handler in ErrorHandler.php and for both my test cases above, the error is handled the same way; but my own handler catches only one of them –  David May 3 '12 at 12:07

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