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I'm a complete newbie to htaccess and I'm having a problem getting the mod_rewrite to work.

I'm trying to change the below:




I've looked at loads of solutions online and none of them work. I've used phpinfo() and mod_rewrite is loaded and I've been able to direct the users to a 404.php file with the htaccess file.

any help would be great thanks**

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hey guys sorry for the bother there wasn't actually a problem it was just me being really dumb. I misunderstood what mod_rewrite actually did in that i thought it rewrote the url in the bar when you clicked on a link that displays the query in the url bar.

For anyone who has came across the same problem here's the problem and solution:

i wanted this /sitepage.php?linklabel=editted to change to /editted.html

anyway using the code generator at , in the .htaccess file i put the follwing code -

RewriteEngine On RewriteRule ^([^/]*).html$ /sitepage.php?linklabel=$1 [L]

When i clicked the button it still went to /sitepage.php?linklabel=editted

I forgot to change editted page


editted page because it displays the content from the /sitepage.php?linklabel=editted page in the new url.

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/editted.html because it displays the content from the /sitepage.php?linklabel=editted page in the new url. – saintybalboa May 3 '12 at 17:58

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