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I have a page with different parts, each part is one column, grids in a grid, nothing special... Each part had a header, like "History", "Score" , "comments", and so on. And of course each one looks different to the others.

I'd like to make a semantic zoom, that has the headers in zoomedout view.

I tried to make a ListView from the original page,but got stock when it came to groups. I cannot set the groups from code ( or plz tell me how), because each group has one item, and they have different look. How can I make grouping from XAML?

Does anything like this one exist?

    <Group Name="History>
    <Group Name="Score"...../>

Am I trying it the wrong way? Which is the right one?

Thanks, Tom

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You can bind the group data to your ListView in a zoomedoutview using the format below.

<SemanticZoom Name="zoom">
<!-- place your normal view here -->

          <!-- bind group data here -->
           <TextBlock Text="{Binding Groupname"/>
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