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I have a problem with a Windows8 application. Here is the simplified portion of code:

return WinJS.xhr({ url: url }).then(function (response) {

    var response = response.responseXML;
    var element = response.selectSingleNode("COUNT(//item)");



However, it raises an error: JavaScript runtime error: Unknown method. -->COUNT(//<--item.

Is it possible to call some XPath methods in WinJS? If so, where is the error? I guess it is not the correct method invoked (we select a scalar here, not a node). But I do not find anything in the documentation.

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I am not familiar with winjs but as far as XPath is concerned the function name is count and not COUNT. However with other Microsoft XPath APIs like in MSXML or .NET a method like selectSingleNode does only work with XPath expression selecting a node or node-set, not with ones returning a primitive value. .NET has an Evaluate method for such XPath expressions, I don't know whether that is of any use in winjs. For your simple expression you could try var count = response.selectNodes("//item").length; instead. – Martin Honnen May 3 '12 at 10:22
Thanks for your help. I did like you proposed finally. :) Notice that there were some changes since Developer Preview 7, and selectSingleNode has been replaced by querySelectorAll. – Jonathan Petitcolas May 25 '12 at 8:10

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