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I have a string which is a 13 digit number. I need to separate all the digits and find the sum of the individual digits. How can I do that?

I converted the string to NSArray like this :

NSArray *arrStrDigits = [str13DigitNumber componentsSeparatedByString:@""];

now I want to run a loop and get something like arrStrDigits[i]

I am new to Objective C :(. Please help me out!

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Get the individual digits like this:

unichar digitChar = [str13DigitNumber characterAtIndex: someIndex];
// Should put in some validation that you have a digit here
int digit = digitChar - '0';

That just needs to go in a loop where you iterate someIndex from 0 to [str13DigitNumber length]

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What does this line do? int digit = digitChar - '0'; –  user523234 May 3 '12 at 9:51
@user523234: digitChar is a UTF-16 character. The decimal numbers are represented by the characters between 48 (represents 0) and 57 (represents 9). So digitChar - '0' subtracts the character code for 0 (i.e. 48) from the character code you have leaving you with the numerical value of the digit. e.g. '4' is represented by character 52, '4' - '0' == 52 - 48 == 4 –  JeremyP May 3 '12 at 13:29
This assumes that all of the characters are ASCII digits (between '0' and '9'). Any characters outside of that range, including both other numbers (there are many sets of numeric characters in Unicode) and non-numbers, will give nonsensical results. –  Peter Hosey May 5 '12 at 2:25
@Peter Hosey: it'll work for 99.99% of input and there is a comment line that says "do some validation" –  JeremyP May 9 '12 at 9:18
int total=0; 
for(NSString *numberInString in arrStrDigits)
    total+=[numberInString intValue];

Note: I am assuming you have int's in each position of your array.

Note 1: This answer is only related to what you ask (run a loop, nothing else).

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