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I have a repository called myrepos, and required a new repository based on the HEAD. So, I used the SVN hotcopy command to achieve this - myrepos-R2.

Now, I have made a number of changes to myrepos-R2, and in the past, have been able to view these comments via tortoiseSVN. All of a sudden however, I can't seem to see the comments. The log keeps displaying the comments from the master. Also, when I try to view the logs of a particular file that I modified in myrepos-R2, tortoise says it can't find it.

Any ideas what is going on? Is this a tortoise problem or SVN?

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You have several options to solve this:

  1. disable the log cache (Settings->Log Caching->Enable log caching)
  2. since both of your repositories have the same UUID, allow ambiguous UUIDs (Settings->Log Caching->Allow ambiguous UUIDs)
  3. Change the repository UUID on your second repository (svnadmin setuuid REPOS_PATH). I'd go with this option since each repository should have its own UUID anyway.
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Disabling the "Log Caching" solved another issue: Tortoise not showing anything except revisions numbers in "Show logs". Thanks a lot Stefan :) –  Pragmateek Mar 9 '13 at 23:24

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