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I am developing android application using titanium and in my application I need to upload image from gallery to remote server location.I already tried this

  success : function(event) 
     var update_pic = Titanium.Network.createHTTPClient();
     update_pic.onerror = function()
    update_pic.onload = function() 
          "commit":"Update Profile" 


But its not working for me. Process stop at point user[avatar]:event.media,.Is this the proper way to send image to remote server. I also tried this

    user_avatar         : event.media,
    authenticity_token  : "sD5hjlI=",
    user_name           : 'nilesh',
    commit              : "Update Profile"

when I send parameter like this, it not sending my http request and When I remove user_avatar : event.media It sending my request mean there is problem with user_avatar.Any solution....Need help. Thank you..........

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try adding this line below "var update_pic = ..."

update_.setRequestHeader("ContentType", "image/jpeg");

taken from: http://developer.appcelerator.com/question/9481/how-to-upload-images-with-filename-to-the-server

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