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I have a background worker which needs to grab comboBox1.SelectedItem, however it's on a different thread and thus I'm unable to "reach" the GUI (as the GUI is on the main thread).

How would I do this?

I've tried using a delegate however this doesn't seem to work.

private delegate string ReadComboDelegate(ComboBox c);

private string ReadComboBox(ComboBox c)
        ReadComboDelegate del = new ReadComboDelegate(this.ReadComboBox);
        return (string) c.Invoke(del,c);
        return c.Text;
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Ideally, you should pass the SelectedItem (and any other data you might require) to the method representing the background worker.

If thats not possible, then you can use comboBox1.Invoke method to communicate with the UI thread.

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Yes, I'm currently doing that using the e.Argument however I'm calling the backgroundworker from multiple methods, and chaning each of them isn't a real neat solution I suppose. – Devator May 3 '12 at 10:20

You could read the combobox during a ReportProgress call.

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