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I want to fetch multiple Latitude and Longitude using Google Geo API.Actually I am using GMap module to render a map in which i am fetching business listing address from database but now i want to display google Listing also. example: http://maps.google.com/maps/geo?q=bars;near=chicago&radius=500&output=csv&key=' . $key it returns a single Latitude and Longitude but i want all latitude and longitude of bars type near chicago. Please help me on this.I would appreciate your comments.

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The geocoder geocodes postal addresses, and bars;near=chicago is not an address. The result you're getting is for q=something,Chicago, which is the nearest the geocoder can manage for your query. In fact it's not even finding the city: the result is for Chicago Avenue, Massapequa NY.

What you want to use is the Places API. This is designed to return results of a certain class, based around a location.

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