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1) Is there any special setting/configuration required to enable hot swap debugging on Android?

Example case:

  • Add breakpoint just after entering activity's onCreate method.
  • Add new line on the fly after the breakpoint (dummy "if (1==1) return;" code)
  • Step to next instruction --> Problem: my debugger doesn't break at this line, instead skipping to the next leading me to believe the new line was not hot swapped into the VM.

2) Does only the emulator support hot swap? Are there any handsets which also support it?

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The emulator itself doesn't support code hotswap, but with additional tools like InstaReloader desired action can be achieved. You can use this Andorid hotswapping tool for free

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What happened to that project? –  K. D. Mar 19 at 22:53

Every time the Android project is built, it's dexed and put into a debug-signed apk that is sent to your phone/emulator. Hence, hotswapping isn't exactly easy to do.

Hotswap is a product of a well-designed JVM, and it makes it possible to exchange classes. On Android, you have Dalvik VM, which does not currently support hot swapping.

I'm guessing the ADT team has this high-ish on their list, though.

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