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In my php web site, I need to display a text message while fetching data from the database my code is working in Mozilla. But it's not working in IE 8. I have searched a lot, but not result. see my code

<script type="text/javascript">
function LoadData(zone,city,cat,datein,dateout,room,adult,child,form,searchhot){
$("body").load(hotel-search?frmZone='+zone+'&frm_city='+city+'&frm_category='+cat+'&datepickerIn='+datein+'&datepickerOut='+dateout+'&frm_room='+room+'&frm_adult='+adult+'&frm_child='+child+'&formpage='+form+'&searchHotel=1', function(){

<body onload="javascript:LoadData('<?=$_REQUEST['frmZone']?>','<?=$_REQUEST['frm_city']?>','<?=$_REQUEST['frm_category']?>','<?=$_REQUEST['datepickerIn']?>','<?=$_REQUEST['datepickerOut']?>','<?=$_REQUEST['frm_room']?>','<?=$_REQUEST['frm_adult']?>','<?=$_REQUEST['frm_child']?>','<?=$_REQUEST['formpage']?>','<?=$_REQUEST['searchHotel']?>')">

<div id="LoadingMsg"> <h2>Almost there...</h2><br />

Does any one know this?

Please reply

Thanks in advance

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I would use .ajaxStart() and .ajaxStop() instead of show and hide. – Jay Blanchard May 3 '12 at 11:44
what is the error you getting? – nu6A May 4 '12 at 9:55

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