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On my development server I am trying to delete a user in the admin and I get this error:

RuntimeError maximum recursion depth exceeded while calling a Python object

It used to work very well until a few days ago. I'm using Django 1.3.1. I tried with various browsers as I read that some are not suitable for the dev server. I do not remember changing anything other than views in the app, nothing related to users. I updated to the latest version of django-social-auth a few days ago. And apart from that I am clueless about what is going on here! Could somebody shed some light?

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Can you post full traceback? –  DrTyrsa May 3 '12 at 10:56

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I'm new to django and django-social-auth and just reading docs. Way be this describes your problem? (From here):

Custom User model If defining a custom user model, do not import social_auth from any models.py that would finally import from the models.py that defines your User class or it will make your project fail with a recursive import because social_auth uses get_model() to retrieve your User.

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