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I have just installed Devise and now I want to make better style for Devise. I have added in application.html.rb link to edit Devise user profile, but when I visit this page and then go back for example to index page I have no routes matches error.

HTML generates this link for home/index: http://localhost:3000/assets?controller=devise%2Fhome

but really need to be: http://localhost:3000/home/index

There goes something wrong after visiting Devise user pages.

My navigation:

      <li><a class="menu"><%= link_to "Jaunumi" ,:controller=>"home", :action => "index" %></a></li>
      <li><a class="menu"><%= link_to "Par skolu" ,:controller=>"home", :action => "par_skolu" %></a></li>
      <li><a class="menu"><%= link_to "Galerijas" ,:controller=>"home", :action => "galerijas" %></a></li>
      <li><a class="menu"><%= link_to "Skolotāji" ,:controller=>"home", :action => "personals" %></a></li>
      <li><a class="menu"><%= link_to "Kontaktinformācija" ,:controller=>"home", :action => "kontakti" %></a></li>
      <li><a class="menu"><%= link_to "Personāla pieeja" ,:controller=>"home", :action => "pers_pieeja" %></a></li>
      <li><%= link_to "Lietotāju rediģēšana", edit_user_registration_path %></li>
      <li><%= link_to "Rakstu rediģēšana" ,:controller=>"posts", :action => "index" %></li>
      <li><%= link_to "Galeriju rediģēšana" ,:controller=>"admin", :action => "galeriju_red" %></li>


devise_for :users

get "admin/galeriju_red"

resources :posts

get "admin/rakstu_red"

get "home/par_skolu"

get "home/personals"

get "home/kontakti"

get "home/pers_pieeja"

get "home/galerijas"

get "home/index"
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The only idea I can think of is changing your routes from:

get "home/index"


match "/home/index" => "home#index", :via => [:get]

They are equivalent, but match makes path helpers available, so your links in menu view could be like this:

<%= link_to "Home" main_app.home_index_path %>

Main_app is a built-in Rails helper and it gives access to Rails routes inside Engine.

If you matched simply /home, path helper would be called home_path.

I hope this fixes your problem.

Reference: Routing in Rails

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I have changed all my navigation links in application to paths, not this style :controller=>"home", :action => "index" and now all is working! – RydelHouse May 6 '12 at 12:05

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