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Hi I am trying to complete a college project for the weekend and have hit a speed bump.

The basic idea of the project is displaying geotagged tweets on google maps using rails and jQuery Mobile. Rather than use the twitter api I opted for the datasift streaming api.

In order for this to work i need to pass a query string to the datasift api which looks like this:

'twitter.geo exists AND interaction.geo geo_radius "53.33754457198889,-6.267493000000059:10"'

where the geolocation "53.33754457198889,-6.267493000000059" is the centre and the "10" the the radius in miles around which to capture geotagged tweets.

I want to pass variables in the string eg

'twitter.geo exists AND interaction.geo geo_radius "#{@users_location}:#{radius}"'

but the single quotes mean I can't do this with this string I have tried to concatenate the string in different ways with no joy so if anybody has some advice or a solution I'd appreciate it

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Thanks guys, I'm in the office at the moment, so when I get home I'll run through the answers and get back to you, thanks! –  user841747 May 3 '12 at 12:35

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You can also use %( ) to quote the string, like %(twitter.geo exists AND interaction.geo geo_radius "#{@users_location}:#{radius}").

See this for some other alternatives you may use.

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+1, IMO preferred solution for short strings. –  Dave Newton May 3 '12 at 12:29

I like %() better (the other answer), but you can also escape quotes with \" inside a double-quoted string. All this information can be found in nearly any Ruby string tutorial/documentation.

You can also use HERE strings:

s = <<FOO
  twitter.geo exists AND interaction.geo geo_radius "#{@users_location}:#{radius}"
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You can to escape double quote :

"twitter.geo exists AND interaction.geo geo_radius \"#{@users_location}:#{radius}\""

I hope it helps

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You can not pass variables into single quoted strings, but there are several methods to archieve what you want:

# use a double quouted string and escape the quotes inside the string
"twitter.geo exists AND interaction.geo geo_radius \"#{@users_location}:#{radius}\""

# use single quotes and concat several strings
'twitter.geo exists AND interaction.geo geo_radius "' + @users_location + ':' + radius + '"'

# just use single quotes in a double quoted string
"twitter.geo exists AND interaction.geo geo_radius '#{@users_location}:#{radius}'"

# as the other answers suggest use %()
%(twitter.geo exists AND interaction.geo geo_radius "#{@users_location}:#{radius}")
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Create the string you need by concatenation. Something like:

 str = "'twitter.geo exists AND interaction.geo geo_radius " + '"' + "#{@users_location}:#{radius}" + '"' + "'"
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Ha - when I started answering this, no other answers had been posted. By the time I've finished, I'm just repeating someone else's answer. Hmm ... –  novemberkilo May 3 '12 at 12:36

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