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I have been working on using GSSAPI in c/c++ applications, for some time now. Obviously I had to google and research a lot. One of the most interesting documentation I discovered was on Sun's old web-site. After Oracle took over Sun, the old web-site is gone, and but somehow this information exists. http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19253-01/816-4863/index.html Alarmingly, I couldn't find any link to the above url in Oracle's documentation. The content also included a couple of PDF files, which I luckily have preserved on my laptop.

The above URL also has an excellent guide on using SASL with c/c++.

The content referred to some tar file that contained sample source code. As per the current site content this file should be available at: http://www.sun.com/download/products.xml?id=41912db5 But unfortunately I can't locate them on the site now.

The content is an excellent starting point for a c/c++ programmer starting fresh on GSSAPI / Kerberos / PAM / SASL

Looking at Oracle's present site I strongly believe the content is presently left behind "accidentally" and will be soon gone.

Now here's my question to the fantastic hacks that visit stackoverflow:

  1. Can you somehow replicate the content to some place, so that everybody can enjoy it's benefits?
  2. Does anybody have a copy of the tar-ball that I am referring to? and would you be willing to share it?
  3. Where must I upload these PDFs so that everybody can easily benefit?

I think the content is truly invaluable, and I can't think of any other web-source for such painstakingly clear information on using GSSAPI with C/C++. If you can do something about this, please do it now, because I think the above URL will be soon gone too.

My sincere thanks in advance, and I promise you many others will thank you too.

Edit: A bit of hunting around on Oracle's site and I discovered the link to one of the PDF's, but has been given a new name: Oracle Solaris Security for Developers Surely a gem of a reference if you are beginning to use GSSAPI / SASL with c++

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Have you tried Google's cache feature, or the WayBack machine? – krlmlr May 3 '12 at 12:41
@user946850 ok I tried the wayback machine, it did take me to the original listing page, but i forgot it required some proprietary sun download manager. Guess we must bounce this post to some kind hearted old sun technician. – mdk May 3 '12 at 16:02
If you want to grab a copy of the website before the kind hearted Sun technician noticies the errors of their ways and purges their Server of these files, try letting httrack.com loose on their page to save as much as possible. – retrohacker Jul 21 '12 at 18:27
No such thing as "C/C++". Pick a language. – Lightness Races in Orbit Oct 8 '15 at 10:41

Looks like the "Internet Archive" is what you are looking for. You can also check out the "Archive-It" and other similar resources listed at this wiki.

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This text is copyrighted. Whatever you do, the right thing to do is getting permission from Oracle/Sun first. Maybe this guide is outdated or simply wrong in places, and they decided to take it offline.

  • If you want it replicated -- do it!

  • There is a Firefox Addon called ScrapBook. It does a fine job archiving whole sites, when done you can copy the data from your profile to anywhere you want. Say a Web Server serving the static content.

  • There is also a wiki site by Oracle wikis.oracle.com, which already contains similar content. Namely some PDFs with similar guides. I assume it's quite safe putting "your" PDF there.

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