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I've a string in the following format:

$string="(R)66325xxx,66315xxx (M)9908717xxx,9441253xxx (O)40506xxx";

The numbers seperated by comma followed by (R),(M),(O) are the residence numbers, mobile numbers and office numbers respectively.

Ex: Residence Number1=66325xxx Residence Number2=66315xxx

Mobile number1=9908717xxx Mobile number2=9441253xxx

Office Number1=40506070

I want to extract residence, mobile and office numbers from the input string in to an array as follows:

$mobilenumber = array(9908717xxx,9441253xxx)
$officenumber = array(40506xxx)

Can anyone help me creating the arrays from the inputstring. Thank you

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Is there always a space between a set of numbers? –  jprofitt May 3 '12 at 12:40
Yes there is always a space between a set of numbers –  user980940 May 3 '12 at 13:49

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You can do:

$string="(R)66325xxx,66315xxx (M)9908717xxx,9441253xxx (O)40506xxx";
$temp = explode(' ', $string);

$residentnumber = explode(',', str_replace('(R)', '', $temp[0]));
$mobilenumber = explode(',', str_replace('(M)', '', $temp[1]));
$officenumber = explode(',', str_replace('(O)', '', $temp[2]));



    [0] => 66325xxx
    [1] => 66315xxx
    [0] => 9908717xxx
    [1] => 9441253xxx
    [0] => 40506xxx
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