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We purchase a licensed Control for Biometric from Griaule biometrics. we are using this Control on a Window Application's form.The AxInterop.GrFingerXLib Dll control is working fine on the 32 bit operating System.

But due to some reason we change the Operating system from 32 bi**t to **64 bit. On the 64 bit operating system the window form on which we are using the AxInterop.GrFingerXLib DLL Control is unable to Create.

And if we remove the Control from the Form working fine.

We use the the latest release of Fingerprint SDK 2009 but it still not working.

We also did that we remove the Control from the form and then again include the control on the form then it gives some ActiveX control not find related Error.

We are using Visual Studio 2008 and Windows Server 2008 64 bit operating System.

Its urgent issue and we want to resolve it as soon as possible.

Please provide a needful support.

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I Have Found The Solution When I build the .EXE with x86 Configuration the Problem have been resolved

Steps i Followed Build-->Configuration Manages

Here set the application's target platform. to x86

Build the Project

u will find a Newly created Folder x86 under Bin Directory

use this Exe in 64 bit Machine it will work fine!

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