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im using I have a problem, At first everything works fine but when I added viewport: e.g. : <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">. It adjusted the fixed footer, it has now have a 5em padding bottom this is in portrait mode. Worst is in landscape mode the footer further adjusted to 10em. T_T.

I'm using an iphone4 vers. 4.3.3.

Hope anyone can help me here.


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You should consider to change to Jquery mobile 1.1.0 and their real fixed toolbars. Read their announcement. Its supported by most of the devices in use and the most clean solution:

The coolest part about this approach is that, unlike JS-based solutions that impose the unnatural scrolling physics across all platforms, our scrolling feels 100% native because it is. This means that scrolling feels right everywhere and works with touch, mousewheel and keyboard user input. As a bonus, our CSS-based solution is super lightweight and doesn’t impact compatibility or accessibility.

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