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What is the inverse operation to vec in Octave?

E.g. if I need to convert 12x1 vector into 3x4 matrix, what should I do?

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I don't know Octave, but I think you're looking for reshape.

— Built-in Function: reshape (A, m, n, ...)
— Built-in Function: reshape (A, [m n ...])
— Built-in Function: reshape (A, ..., [], ...)
— Built-in Function: reshape (A, size)

Return a matrix with the specified dimensions (m, n, ...) whose elements are taken from the matrix A. The elements of the matrix are accessed in column-major order (like Fortran arrays are stored).

The following code demonstrates reshaping a 1x4 row vector into a 2x2 square matrix.

      reshape ([1, 2, 3, 4], 2, 2)
           ⇒  1  3
               2  4
                Note that the total number of elements in the original matrix (`prod (size (A))`) must match the total number of

elements in the new matrix (prod ([m n ...])).

A single dimension of the return matrix may be left unspecified and Octave will determine its size automatically. An empty matrix ([]) is used to flag the unspecified dimension.

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