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Is there anybody familiar with makefile in fortran? I have an fortran code which read an matrix from a text file in and compute it and then write the solution to the screen.

My problem is that the input matrix and source code are in different folder.

For example : Matrix A = [ 2

                    0 1

                    1 0]

where the first row is the orde of Matrix A

**program test

integer,parameter :: INPUT_UNIT =5
integer :: N
double precision,allocatable,dimension(:,:):: A

 do i=1, size(A,1)
       read (INPUT_UNIT, *)  (A(i, j), j=1, size(A,2))
 end do

end program**

I have a makefile which works fine when test.f95 and matrix A are in the same folder ,so i can simply use below command to compile my code and to execute it

make ./test

but if i move the matrix A into another folder,dan makefile dosnt work.




FFLAGS_gfortran=-g -Wall -Wimplicit-interface -fbounds-check


all: test

test : test.o

   $(FC) -O test test.o

test.o : test.f95

   $(FC) -c $(FFLAGS) test.f95

clean : $(RM) *.o *.mod

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What's a "map"? A directory, a.k.a. folder? makefiles don't actually have much relevance to fortran, they're rather language agnostic. That being said, if you had a working program and a working makefile they could probably be modified to take your changes into account (change of directory, I'm guessing), but you give far too little info here (and give too much speculation) to give a definite answer. – Rook May 3 '12 at 14:51
Hey , I have added the makefile and 'map' means folder. Can you help me,thx. – echo May 3 '12 at 15:51

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