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I guess this is something from new version of Matlab. But I can't figure out what does ~ represent.

%function content here

Any clue would be appreciated.

In addition, maybe it's me but I can't always find a good resource to find this kind of special operator in matlab. Any recommendation of good resource for matlab?

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The resource depends on your needs I think. YAGTOM ( was a nice free reference to read for me. – petrichor May 3 '12 at 14:22

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It is used to ignore function inputs. Related MATLAB reference page tells:

Use this operator when your function must accept a predefined set of inputs, but your function does not use all of the inputs. Common applications include defining callback functions, as shown here, or deriving a class from a superclass.

You may refer to the reference for example code.

Tilde is also used for ignoring some outputs. You may refer to the answers here for that kind of usage.

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Hi, are you able to reproduce some of the examples from the linked page, as the linked page is not found now. – Alex Aug 21 at 6:30

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