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Does anybody know how to make my script work for multiple ul's?

Please take a look at my jsfiddle.
As you can see, the script only works for the second ul on mouseover.

Thank you in advanced!
With Kind Regards,

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So let me explain, what was happening. you were only selecting the last created div, so only that one was going.

I had to find the selected .active and the selected div

Here is example:


In mouseover i added this to the top to change active and animation vars

    active = $(this).parent().find('.active');
    animation = $(this).parent().find('div');

In mouseout i added this.

    active = $(this).find('.active');
    animation = $(this).find('div');

EDIT: For the problem with moving the class active to other <li> objects, you have to append the <div> for each .active class separately Here is the example:


What I did was wrap the animation var into a .each

$.each(active, function() {
    var animation = $('<div>').css({
        'position': 'absolute',
        'height': $(this).outerHeight()-1,
        'width': $(this).outerWidth(),
        'marginTop': ($(this).parent().index() * $(this).outerHeight()),
        'borderBottom': '1px solid #000',
        'z-index': -10

Instead or prepending to the <ul> like before, I did it to the parent of the parent which should always be there for a menu with the class active.

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Thanks a lot Joshua! You are getting close, because when I move the active class to another anchor, it doesn't work properly.. Can you take another look for me? Thanks in advanced! –  Jonathan May 3 '12 at 20:13
Smart move! Thnx on this one. –  Jonathan May 4 '12 at 7:41

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