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I want execute a BPEL file using Intalio server, have you an idea how can we upload or set this BPEL file in server, or directly in ODE ?

a second question please, i have with this BPEL a wsdl file and i think it's not necessary for upload it with the bpel file and it's used just for call this service from another... is it right what i'm saying?

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Intalio BPMS uses a custom deployment component, which interferes with ODE's standard hot-deployment. Although it might be possible to manually deploy a BPEL process bundle to ODE, it is very likely that the Intalio|BPMS deployment component will complain about unknown deployments.

Regarding your second question, a minial BPEL process is accompanied with at least one WSDL (that describes the service interface that the process model exposes) and a deploy.xml (which is the ODE specific deployment descriptor). In case your process is orchestrating 3rd party services, those WSDLs need to be part of the bundle as well.

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The Intalio|BPMS deployment will not complain. –  Antoine Toulme Aug 29 '12 at 19:57

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