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Is it possible to access the Request object in a REST method under JAX-RS?

I just found out

@Context Request request;
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On JAX-RS you must annotate a Request parameter with @Context:

 public Response foo(@Context Request request) {


Optionally you can also inject:

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To elaborate on @dfa's answer for alternatives, I find this to be simpler than specifying the variable on each resource method signature:

public class MyResource {

  private HttpServletRequest httpRequest

  public Response foo() {  
    httpRequest.getContentType(); //or whatever else you want to do with it
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Any of this above don't work when I try to invoke the REST api from Junit. The request comes as null. – Debaprasad Jana Mar 17 at 12:10
This may not work in later versions of Dropwizard @DebaprasadJana - this was for Dropwizard 0.7.x – th3morg Mar 17 at 12:34

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