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I wrote a custom payment module. It seems to be working fine but I can't show the method form in the checkout process. I mean: I see my method, I can select it, but can't see the form. I want to show a select box with a couple of options but no form is rendered.


class Neurona_Sistarbanc_Block_Form_Sistarbanc extends Mage_Payment_Block_Form
  protected function _construct()

And the form in app\design\frontend\base\default\template\payment\form\sistarbanc.phtml

Any help will be apreciated!!


It works in a fresh magento install with default theme It does NOT work in onestepcheckout

So, it seems to be working in the default ckeckout process but not in the onestepcheckout


I foun that in onestepheckout this is the way the payment method form is rendered:

<?php if ($html = $this->getPaymentMethodFormHtml($_method)): ?>
  <dd id="container_payment_method_<?php echo $_code; ?>" class="payment-method" <?php if(!$this->getSelectedMethodCode()==$_code || !($hide_nonfree_methods && $_code == 'free')): ?> style="display:none"<?php endif; ?>>
<?php echo $html; ?>

So, for my method $this->getPaymentMethodFormHtml($_method) is FALSE. ¿why?

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Did you ever figure this out? Having the same issue and can't seem to get the form to render. –  Louis W Jun 2 '13 at 19:58

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Your template filename is Sisterbanc.phtml, but your block will try to load sisterbanc.phtml (uppercase "s" vs lowercase "s").

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If logging is activated, this should also show up as missing template file in /var/log/system.log –  SebiF May 3 '12 at 16:59
Sorry but it was a typo in my post. Both filename and delcaration are lowercase. Nothing in the log –  Diego Montero May 4 '12 at 10:34

Maybe you need add this line in Model/Payment.php.

protected $_formBlockType = "sistarbanc/form/sistarbanc"

I don't know the reason why though. I compared with other payment module code, and got this.

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