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I'm using EF 4.1 and need to use DbContext.Database.SqlQuery<T> to run a stored proc which will effectively do SELECT * FROM table where table may not even exist at compile time.

I'm probably being thick but I haven't a clue what to use for <T> which will represent an object containing the data from a single row in the table.

I'm not going to be operating on the resulting objects of type <T> but they will eventually be serialised into JSON.

If I'm asking the impossible or unfeasable, pointers to an easier route would be very welcome!

Pete Sykes

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The generic in this event is an object to which to map the results. Even if you're just serializing them, you need to put the results into a list of something.

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Thanks Hammerstein. I probably wasn't clear - I understand generics and that <T> is the type to receive each row of the results but the issue is that I don't know at compile time any details of the table that might be queried - indeed, the table might not even exist at compile time so it's not possible to code a class for it. I thought anonymous objects might help but I haven't found a way to use them here. – user1372718 May 8 '12 at 20:45

I'm currently researching a similar problem. So far, I've found this blog entry. It will probably solve your problem, however, I'm a bit wary of creating types on the fly.

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