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I'm trying to duplicate the eval function in racket without calling upon the built-in eval function. I'm currently using a simple math lexer and parser

$(define simple-math-lexer
        ((re-+ number10) (token-NUM (string->number lexeme)))
        ("-" (token--))
        ("+" (token-+))
        ;; recursively calls the lexer which effectively skips whitespace
        (whitespace (simple-math-lexer input-port))
        ((eof) (token-EOF))))

(define simple-math-parser
        (start exp)
        (end EOF)
        (error void)
        (tokens a b)
        (precs (left - +))
         (exp ((NUM) $1)
              ((+ exp exp) (+ $2 $3))
              ((- exp exp) (- $2 $3))))))

at the moment I'm not sure how I would implement multiplication for the parser. Any suggestions or links to help would be appreciated.

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You should post an SSCCE. With the little information provided in the question I can suggest to:

  • Separate the evaluation from the parsing, an evaluator should receive a list of symbols ready to be evaluated, here it appears that you´re mixing the parsing and evaluation phases
  • Simply add another case, in the same way that you're handling addition and subtraction you could include multiplication: ((* exp exp) (* $2 $3))

SICP is a very good book for getting you started on how to write your own evaluator in Scheme.

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