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I added a function in my .vimrc that's just few search and replace commands. However if one of the patterns is not found I get an error message that I need to enter through. How can I suppress this?

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You can either use :silent or :silent! as a prefix to any command or you can add the 'e' option to the substitute, which is often easier.

:silent! %s/x/y/g
:silent %s/x/y/g

For more information, see

:help :silent
:help :s_flags

The information on the e flag is a few paragraphs down from the :s_flags help.

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Silent didn't work in my script, but the 'e' flag did – nearly_lunchtime Jun 25 '09 at 13:02

You might use silent:

:silent %s/x/y/g

or, if you need to do string manipulation to determine the strings to search and replace:

exec ":silent %s/x/" . varName . "/g"

I'm not 100% sure, but I think that silent only works in scripts.

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Maybe the :he :silent thing can be used to suppress those errors?

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Probably a little bit off topic but i found this thread when searching for solutions for "search pattern not found" errors in vim, when i wanted to search for the next occurence in vim. The following map omits the error when pressing 'n'

map n :silent! /

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