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How do I check for FormData object using Modernizr and YepNope?

  test : what.to.check,  
  yep  : 'normal.js',  
  nope : 'flashupload.js'  
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I was looking for a Modernizer way to check FormData the other day and couldn't find one.

However, it's easy to do without Modernizer:

window.FormData // exists if it exists, undefined if it doesn't!


  test : "FormData" in window,
  yep  : 'normal.js',  
  nope : 'flashupload.js'  

FWIW, MDC compatability for FormData says you'll be targeting:

  • Chrome 7+
  • Firefox 4.0
  • IE 10+
  • Safari 5+

... Opera support is unknown

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Thanks, that works :) –  beingalex May 3 '12 at 15:43

You can extend Modernizr with custom tests. Just throw this into the end of your Modernizr file:

Modernizr.addTest('formdata', ('FormData' in window));
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