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I have an issue with WebBrowser content at windows phone 7. Need to display multy-language web content in my app. Such pages has encoding="utf-8. Umlauts displayed as another symbols instesd of Å,å,Ä,ä,Ö,ö. The same page displayed well in opera, chrome ff and ie.

Great thanks in advance.

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The proper markup for umlauts, eg. ü is used in your web content? –  thumbmunkeys May 3 '12 at 17:03
can you provide a repro? I'd suspect that it's due to the file being saved with the wrong encoding. –  Matt Lacey May 4 '12 at 8:23

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Try this extension method

public static class StringExtensionMethods
    public static string ToExtendedASCII(this string html)
        string retVal = "";
        char[] s = html.ToCharArray();

        foreach (char c in s)
            if (Convert.ToInt32(c) > 127)
                retVal += "&#" + Convert.ToInt32(c) + ";";
                retVal += c;
        return retVal;
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