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I need to combine two video file using ffmpeg. Can you help me? I tried cat command, It won't works well.

 ProcessStartInfo info1 = new ProcessStartInfo(@"e:\ffmpeg\bin\ffmpeg.exe", 
 @"cat e:\cars1.mpg e:\cars2.mpg | ffmpeg -f mpeg -i - -vcodec copy -acodec copy e:\merged.mpg");

Give me some suggestions.

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Ok finally i found answer for my own question.

I just set a batch file that consists of copy command.

ProcessStartInfo info1 = new ProcessStartInfo("app.bat"); 


The app.bat file consists of the following command. It is for windows only.

copy e:\cars1.mpg /b + e:\cars2.mpg /b e:\output.mpg /b

it merges the two video file. But only a problem is, it takes only the running timing of first video file only. But video runs smoothly.

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